Top 3 Reasons to Buy Dog Clothing

Date Posted:16 October 2018 

Clothing for your dog can provide many benefits for you and your dog other than a good laugh at their appearance. Always take your dog’s personality into account when purchasing clothing for them as not all dogs take readily to wearing clothing. There is a range of solutions to these types of dogs such as clothing that is non-restrictive like a lay over the back coat with underbelly straps. However many dogs just need a little coaxing and positive training when wearing the clothing. You can always start with a bandana that slips onto your dog’s collar to introduce them to wearing dog clothing. Always supervise your dog when wearing dog clothing to ensure that they do not remove the dog clothing themselves or use the clothing as a new toy. Of course, many dogs are extroverts and love the attention they get when wearing clothing.


Here are some reasons to consider when buying dog clothes …

  1. To Prevent Dog Hair Shedding in Your House

Dog T-shirts, singlets, dresses and coats can assist in reducing the amount of dog hair shedding throughout your home. Not only can your dog look fashionable when wearing dog clothing but it has a positive purpose too.  Dog clothing can contain the hair from dropping throughout your house or onto your clothing.

  1. Keeping Your Dog Warm and Secure

During the winter season, you should buy your dog jackets or sweaters so that he/she can stay warm and comfortable as many dogs do suffer from the cold. Smaller breeds, in particular, do like the security of a snug dog sweater, especially at bedtime. The older dog has less fat on their body and therefore does feel the cold so a dog coat with a fleece lining would be the solution.  A weatherproof dog coat is ideal for a dog that spends the night outdoors in the elements.

  1. Dog Clothes for Medical Reasons

There are some medical reasons to consider when purchasing clothes for your dog. If your dog has just gone through surgery or has a wound or a rash then covering the area with dog clothes will protect your dog from licking that area.

  • Dog rash shirts provide sun protection as some dogs are prone to skin cancer.
  • Dog shoes can protect your dog's sensitive under paws from sharp objects or hot pavements.
  • Dog socks assist in preventing your dog's paws from slipping on hard floors.
  • Dog waterproof socks are ideal for a dog who does not like walking on wet grass.
  • Dog belly bands and dog pants can help the incontinent dog to stay dry or the dog marking their territory in your house.

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